08 June 2014

Griffon 2.0.0.BETA Released

The Griffon team is happy to announce the release of Griffon 2.0.0.BETA, hot on the heels of Gr8conf EU!

This release marks an important milestone in the framework’s history as it lets go of the last remaining legacy bits inherit from the Grails codebase (the build system) while embracing the latest tools available in the Groovy Ecosystem.

The griffon command line tool is no more. Long live Gradle! From now on, every Griffon project is a valid Gradle project. There’s no longer a need for custom IDE plugins as Gradle is well supported by all IDEs. An often brought subject, that of dependency resolution, is now rendered moot as Gradle is much better at handling this particular topic than the griffon command ever was.

The following list summarizes the changes brought by this release

  • the new JDK baseline is JDK7.

  • the Griffon 2.0 API is JDK8 friendly, which means you may use lambda expressions. where a functional interface is expected.

  • Groovy support has been moved to its own plugin, thus enabling developers to write. applications with just Java, drastically reducing the deployment size of an application.

  • JSR 330 is used in core, enabling better module reusability.

  • the runtime API is mostly binary compatible though classes have been moved to other packages.

  • archetype support is now provided by Lazybones.

The latest version of the Griffon Guide is available at http://griffon.github.io/griffon/guide/index.html New binaries are posted at Griffon’s Bintray repository.

The Griffon Guide includes a section about migration


Please take special note about migrating existing Griffon projects from 1.X to 2.X: all plugins from the 1.X series do not work with Griffon 2.X. Update versions of popular plugins will begin to appear in the coming days. Keep an eye on


Despite this, we look forward to your feedback. Please report any problems you find to the Griffon User list, or better yet file a bug at https://github.com/griffon/griffon/issues

Remember you can also contact the team on Twitter: @theaviary.

Many thanks to all who contributed to this release!

 — The Griffon Team